Our Philosophy

At Kim's Kids, we believe that education is the responsibility of the parent, the school and the community. Teachers are entitled to all of the support they need in order to nourish each child and to conduct the classroom in an appropriate fashion. We believe that each person is a unique and valuable individual with talents, potential and strengths. In order to fulfill our responsibilities, we want to challenge the child with the greatest learning experience that we can provide. Children learn best through play. We promise each child a day that is safe, fun and educational.

what parents are saying about us

"When my son had attended Kim's Kids it was a loving and caring environment. The staff went out of their way to remember each parent, sibling, or grandparent that was a constant face at the center. The staff never forgets a face even to this day." -- Marla, 2011
Monica R. Ross
The person who first thought about starting a child care center. Monica loves kids and has years of experience in working with them.Read more...